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Pearl H2050 Hi Hat Stand with Interchangeable PosiLink Twin Cam Drive System

Best Seller SKU #H2050


Name: Pearl H2050 Hi Hat Stand with Interchangeable PosiLink Twin Cam Drive System
Brand: Pearl
Model: H2050
Sold By: each
Series: 2050
Drive Type: Chain Drive
Leg Type: Double-Braced

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$259.94 each
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Item Description

The Pearl H2050 Hi Hat Stand showcases one feature that completely separates it from everything else – an interchangeable PosiLink Twin Cam Drive System that lets you change up how the pedal feels to fit your personal playing style; it’s like having 4, 5, or 6 stands for the price of one.

When you buy this stand you’ll get four interchangeable, color-coded cams:

Black Linear Action Cam – a steady feel throughout the stroke, on the heavy/powerful side
White Oversized Linear Action Cam – a steady stroke like the black cam, but lighter and quicker in feel
Blue Progressive Cam – begins medium-light in feel, gradually gets heavier throughout the stroke
Red Radical Progressive Cam – begins feather light, quickly ramps up to very heavy mid-stroke

Two optional cams are available separately:

Purple Aggressive Action Cam – begins light and ends quite heavy, a more linear and intense version of the blue cam
Yellow Inverse Action Cam – begins light and actually gets lighter mid-stroke, becoming heavier again towards the end

The footplate is equipped with a reversible Traction Plate insert that you can modify to give you as much, or as little, grip under your foot as you want. The footplate can be moved to three positions – called the PowerShifter – to give you a light, standard, or heavy feel.

Swiveling double-braced legs make it very easy to comfortably position a double bass pedal in your setup.

The SuperGrip Clutch vice grips the hi hat rod from all 360 degrees, guaranteeing that it will not slip even under extreme playing.

A Precision Spring Tension Dial grants you an absurd amount of tension control to fine-tune your perfect feel.

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