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Pearl Corps Extreme CX Airframe Snare Carrier

Best Seller SKU #CXS1


Name: Pearl Corps Extreme CX Airframe Snare Carrier
Brand: Pearl
Model: CXS-1
Sold By: each
Series: Corps Extreme
Material: Aluminum
Carrier Connection Type: J-Bar

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$289.95 each
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Item Description

The Pearl CX Air Frame Snare Drum Carrier is a top-of-the-line carrier designed specifically to be strong and durable through many seasons of intense use. This frame is fully adjustable to fit players of all sizes but has a limited number of individually moving parts.

One continuous, solid rod makes up the upper shoulder rest and connects to the lightweight aluminum belly plate, making this whole upper portion one piece for easy and fast adjusting! The shoulder rests have thick pads that can be removed to be cleaned in between shows and rehearsals.

The thin aluminum belly plate also features removable padding and features adjustment points for the shoulder rest as well as the snare drum mount. The simplicity of these adjustment points make it quick and easy to find the perfect fit for each drum and each player as well as minimizing the number of small parts that can be easily lost.

The adjustable ACS belt provides extra stability for players and gives them a more secure hold of their drums.

The streamlined design of this carrier makes it virtually disappear under marching uniforms, for a more natural look.

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